FUT believes comfortable and properly fitting shoes are essential to health and happiness. Finding the right fit is critical. While there is no such thing as one size fits all, FUT is a footwear brand that fits all.

Exceptional Qualities

  • High-Quality Leather

    FUT shoes are made from high-quality leather for both the upper and lining, providing an elegant appearance and exceptional durability.

  • Ortho Insert

    Equipped with the Ortho Insert, FUT shoes provide extra support for the arch of the foot, helping to reduce foot fatigue.

  • Memory Foam

    FUT Memory Foam layer adds an extra level of comfort and keeps the feet comfortable throughout the day.

  • Width Sizing

    FUT is available in three width sizes (W1, W3, W5) specially designed for Asian feet, particularly in Indonesia. This ensures that the shoes are suitable for those with wide feet, bunions, or square toes.

  • Dress Shoes Construction

    FUT shoes have a construction similar to formal dress shoes. Heel cup and shankboard keep your heels in the proper position when they shouldn't move while walking. These reduce fatigue as you walk for a long duration.

  • Stretch Laces

    Stretch laces make these shoes comfortable to wear all day, as the laces can accommodate the changing movements and sizes of the feet.

  • Anchor Lock

    Save Your Time, No More Tying

    The unique Anchor Lock feature allows users to easily convert lace-up shoes into slip-on shoes, eliminating the need to tie shoe laces again. This is a highly practical innovation.

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